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Rural providers of health services need vision and help.  We provide support and information along with the steps to get there.‚Äč

Rural Healthnet Consortia at Desoto Memorial Hospital

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Rural HealthNet Consortia

Our Mission is to educate and provide methods and share member experiences and solutions in the field of healthcare related technology and electronic solutions.  This includes offering advisory services to our healthcare provider hospitals, clinics, and physician members with the knowledge of the availability of these tools, where to find them, and, potentially, use group influence in negotiating specific features that support necessary components needed to satisfy regulations promoting value based care and 21st Century CURES Act Compliance .  To achieve inter-operability we promote the use of electronic tools that can lead t better health through information technology (IT), combined with provider staff talent, and superior policies, procedures, and processes such that health engagements and care outcomes using information technology can be achieved.

Rural Healthnet consortia

Architects of Care in a Complex World

The daily processes of healthcare services delivery could be exposed to risk. We make sure you're protected by linking you to others.  Strength is in numbers.

Our Members analyze everything from supply chain management to sharing in efforts towards finding good employees and contractors.

Our Members' combined experience spans all healthcare support industries and encounter settings; from patient presentation to all transitions of care and referral services to aligned non rural hospital networks and more.

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